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As a filmmaker, author and consultant, Laura Goodrich is an internationally recognized expert in the field of workplace relationships. Throughout her professional career she has worked passionately to help people, teams, and organizations create positive outcomes.

Because of her experience working with organizations all over the globe, she has earned the reputation as someone who can assist others in creating positive business relationships in even the most challenging environments.

Energetic and enthusiastic, Laura is recognized as a riveting speaker. Her knowledge of workplace dynamics, along with her genuine style, upbeat personality, and ability to communicate and connect with audiences, makes her presentations practical, motivational, and truly memorable.

Topics include:

Improving workplace interaction, learning to focus on positive outcomes, leveraging the power of multiple generations in the workforce, understanding ways to embrace change.

Keynote Price Range:

Negotiable ($6,000 — $15,000, plus expenses)

“Laura delivers a high- impact presentation with outstanding, thought-provoking content that will engage and challenge her audience to question the way they are currently doing business. Having attended many Leadership conferences, Laura belongs in the company of Tom Peters, Patrick Lencioni, and Marshall Goldsmith.”

Kristy Roberts, Senior Executive  |  Medtronic, Inc

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