Winning Presence for Business Presenters by Dean Hyers

We all experience make-or-break moments where the quality of our performance seems to spell the difference between success and failure.

The farther we go in our careers, the higher the stakes in our presentations, and the more obstacles get in the way of performing powerfully and effectively. All too often we experience ourselves holding back when we need to be fully expressed.

With the lessons captured in this book, Dean shows us that we have the ability to move as far in our careers as we want to, presenting ourselves with confidence and charisma, and influencing even the most challenging audiences with truly winning presence.

“If you’re looking for that extra “edge” when you speak, sell, present or connect in a business presentation or meeting environment to build rapport, persuade and sell more effectively with confidence and authenticity, then Winning Presence for Business Presenters belongs in your business book library.”

Mike. Koenigs