Soul Biographies Online Library

Empathy matters.

The Soul Biographies Online Library offers a powerful view of people… uncensored. It reminds us that regardless of our differences, we all want to be seen. Each film offering a close-up, human portrait that focuses on important topics. By viewing, we gain a greater appreciation of others.

Unlike anything else available, this series is for groups that want to go beyond traditional training and encourage an environment of acceptance and inclusion.


There are over 40 short films + supplementary materials included.  Individual titles are also available on DVD or USB.

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The Soul Biographies Online Library can be used in a variety of ways:

• Retreats/Events   • Classroom   • On-Demand Personal Development   • Leadership Training   • Team Building   • Ethics Training   • Initiative Launches   • Staff Engagement   • Inspiration and Motivation   • Communication Skill Building   • Inclusiveness Training

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  • Small Businesses
  • Teams within large organizations
  • Under 50 users
  • Midsize companies
  • Large enterprises
  • Teams over 50 people


  • K-12 schools
  • Departments within postsecondary institutions
  • School districts
  • Departments of Education
  • Institution Libraries


Nonprofits/ Healthcare
  • Departments within large organizations
  • Employs 50 or less
  • Charities with multiple locations
  • Hospitals
  • Departments over 50 people


  • Individual place of worship
  • K-12 religious schools
  • Under 50 users
  • Religious denominations
  • Religious universities
  • Places of worship with


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$495 per year

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You can order any individual film in the Soul Biographies Online Library, on any format. Additional format options include: DVD, USB, or Download. This is a great option if you have a specific film you love and intend on sharing it with others for years to come.

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