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The Joel Barker Online Library is a one-year, unlimited access subscription to all of Joel Barkers' films. This collection includes support materials, and is available at a special introductory price!

For years, organizations, schools, government agencies, healthcare institutions and nonprofits have been using Joel Barkers' films to improve engagement. These best-selling programs offer simple, yet powerful messages that encourage meaningful conversations, help us focus on the positive, and invite actual change.

Programs included:  (click title to be taken to the full description and watch an online preview)

The New Business of Paradigms; 2nd Edition, Innovation at The Verge, Joel Barker’s Leadershift, Paradigm Mastery Series, Tactics of Innovation, Wealth, Innovation & Diversity

Plus 70 Bonus Clips! Joel’s best stories from his feature films. Each clip is less than 3 minutes and offers you an effective way to improve any meeting or gathering.


 Small Group SubscriptionLarge Group Subscription10 Day Free Trial
  • Small Businesses
  • Teams within large organizations
  • Under 50 users
  • Midsize companies
  • Large enterprises
  • Teams over 50 people


  • K-12 schools
  • Departments within postsecondary institutions
  • School districts
  • Departments of Education
  • Institution Libraries


Nonprofits/ Healthcare
  • Departments within large organizations
  • Employs 50 or less
  • Charities with multiple locations
  • Hospitals
  • Departments over 50 people


  • Individual place of worship
  • K-12 religious schools
  • Under 50 users
  • Religious denominations
  • Religious universities
  • Places of worship with



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Joel Barkers’ programs can be used for:

• Staff Development • Classroom • On-Demand Personal Development • Team Building • Strategic Planning • Inspiration and Motivation • Process Improvement • Communication Skill Building • Leadership Development • Inclusion Training • Retreats • PowerPoint Presentations



Pricing is based on an unlimited use, one year license of all titles. Support materials are included. If you would rather place your order with a sales representative or have any questions, contact us toll free: 1-800-242-3220.