Having Trouble Playing Your DVD?

Occasionally, a DVD will not play properly. When this happens there are several possibilities. Below are the most common problems.

Wrong DVD player software

We have seen an increase in problems related to playing a DVD with Window Media Player or RealPlayer. The biggest problem with these applications is that they are not designed to play DVDs. We recommend that you load an application that is created to specifically to play DVDs.

Here are two we recommend:


This is a free/open source player that has worked well for us.

PowerDVD Pro

PowerDVD has been around for years and has proven to be a solid player. This player does require a license purchase.

Before installing anything, please check with your IT department.

Disc is scratched or dirty

Scratches, dirt or grease can disrupt DVD playback. Check to make sure the bottom side (the information side) of the DVD is clean. You may clean it, but use only warm water and a soft cloth (like one used to clean eye glasses). Make sure it is completely dry before inserting it into a playback device.

No sound card

Many corporate desktop computers are installed without sound cards. Check with your IT department to verify that a sound card is installed.

Have you tried a different disc or player?

If the disc appears to be in good physical condition and you are still having trouble, try putting a different DVD into that player to make sure the playback device and/or software is working properly.

Bad Disk

Occasionally a disk is faulty. If the items above have not solved your problem, we may need to replace your DVD.