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About The Innovation Center

Are you and your organization learning as fast as the world is changing?

Today, success depends on your ability to continually think, re-think, and re-invent. Challenging times require innovative thought. Successful organizations know that innovation speeds product development, improves quality, and ignites genuine excitement in employees and customers.

Innovation doesn't just happen. It requires an intentional process.

Since 1990, the Innovation Center has been helping individuals and organizations discover and launch their future through creativity and innovation. We've distilled the secret sauce of innovation. We know how to speed innovation along, make it more efficient, and weave it into the fabric of an organization's everyday activities.

The Free Radicals Team

Robert L.Newhart II
CEO, Oregon Innovation Center

The original Free Radicals of Innovation concept is Bob Newhart's. Bob interviewed the guests, co-wrote the script, and serves as on-camera host. Bob's post-production duties range from producer, to musical co-director. The chorus of voices in the Pass the Ball song all belong to Bob.

Bob has consulted with hundreds of business enterprises— from wood chips to potato chips to silicon chips. He has hosted regular radio and television programs, and written many articles for the business media. Bob is a frequent speaker at national conferences.

Bob has served in faculty and leadership positions at several colleges and universities working in technology transfer and business development arenas. His experience extends to the public sector where he worked with three Northwest governors, served as a Delegate to the White House Conference on Small Business, and held a variety of project and program directorships.

Cliff Joyce
Founder, PureBlend New Media Design Group

Cliff co-wrote the Free Radicals of Innovation, directed the production, shot much of the footage, edited the film, created the motion graphics, and designed the packaging materials. Cliff served as musical co-director, and even created some of the music.

Cliff's talents are a unique blend of creative, technical, and business— with three decades of media, marketing, software engineering, and entrepreneurial experience. He holds a degree in Fine Art from California Institute of the Arts.

Between the founding of two design and media agencies, Cliff launched and ran a pair of technology companies: DublClick and BroadCastSoft. He has designed and developed software for such firms as Apple Computer, Symantec, and Honeywell. He is well-versed and equally comfortable in the worlds of graphic/web design, advertising, marketing, and media production.