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Improve healthcare customer service. General Hospitable depicts a day-in-the-life of a patient: beginning with her admission to the hospital and continuing right on through to her discharge. At each stage, viewers see both lackluster interactions and actively caring ones; a juxtaposition that neatly drives home what an enormous difference a shift in focus can mean to patient and staff alike.

Comprised of seven mini-episodes this video effectively addresses customer service challenges in healthcare and encourages everyone to take responsibility for their attitude.

 Key customer service concepts for healthcare include:
  • Avoid jargon and give patients all the information they need to make informed decisions
  • Solicit patients' problems so you can correct them
  • Practice service recovery by really listening, apologizing and resolving any problems


Length: 20 Minutes

Includes: Leader's Guide

A CRM Learning release


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General Hospitable improve healthcare customer service.