It’s a Dog’s World: 2nd Edition

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Improve healthcare customer service. In It’s a Dog’s World: 2nd Edition, viewers experience a day-in-the-life of Bob and his dog Max. After both are injured, they are seen by their respective healthcare providers. And while Bob is treated like a dog at his healthcare facility, Max receives the royal treatment at his vet's office.

Made exclusively for healthcare, this video’s humor will relax your audience and open their minds to the serious bottom-line message: patient satisfaction is central to your organization's survival. 

Key customer service healthcare concepts from the film include:
  • The components of good and poor patient service
  • The consequences of poor service
  • How patients judge the quality of healthcare


Length: 14 Minutes (plus bonus film original It's a Dogs World) 

Includes: Leader's Guide, CD-ROM with PowerPoint Presentation and PDF’s of Participant Handouts, 10 Reminder Cards, 1 Post-It© Notepad, 1 dog bone Pen, 1 dog paws ID Lanyard

A CRM Learning release


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It’s a Dog’s World: 2nd Edition healthcare customer service