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Dewitt Jones

Dewitt Jones is one of America's top professional photographers. He is also known for his inspirational training videos. His ability to connect with viewers and audiences through his photography, stories and genuine style makes his training videos truly outstanding.

Dewitt has created six best-selling business training films and over 30 short films. Filled with insightful stories and stunning photography, his films offer memorable messages about creativity, attitude, Appreciative Inquiry and vision. Sold worldwide, they have been translated into over 15 languages.

He is also one of the nation’s most sought-after keynote speakers. Presenting to organizations around the world, his inspirational messages and ability to communicate with audiences make his presentations an unforgettable experience.

Whether you are looking to use a training video need an amazing speaker, we Dewitt Jones is a great choice. Below is a list of offerings available. If you need a solution beyond what you see, let us know. We love to find creative solutions.

Training Videos by Dewitt Jones


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