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Improve teamwork and group decisionmaking with GROUPTHINK. Using the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster as a backdrop, this classic program shows the "groupthink" phenomenon and the questions that led to the concept:

People often seek unanimous agreement in spite of contrary facts pointing to another conclusion.

 Key Teamwork concepts from the film include:
  • How do groups really make decisions?
  • What drives groups to agree despite the better judgment of some, or even all, participants?
  • Why do group decisions sometimes result in a monumental error?
  • What are the signals to watch for?


Length: 26 Minutes

Includes: Leader's Guide, PowerPoint presentation on CD-ROM, 10 Participant Workbooks, 10 Reminder Cards, 10 "Skip-the-Trip" Post-it notepads, wall poster

A CRM Learning release


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GROUPTHINK Improve teamwork and group decisionmaking