Inspired School Year Engagement Package with Dewitt Jones

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Harness the Power of A Positive Environment!

The Inspired School Year Engagement Package featuring Dewitt Jones offers you a comprehensive way to encourage and inspire.

SAVE OVER 60%! This special package includes Dewitt's best selling videos, on your choice of DVD or USB, plus online access to his Celebrate Online Library for one year

To aid in facilitation, also included are comprehensive support materials for each video. We have also created a Back to School Launch and End of Year Gathering Guide, with thought-provoking questions and fun new exercises, to help you utilize Dewitt's videos.

The Inspired School Year Engagement Package will prove to be an amazing toolset to highlight the importance of a positive environment for teachers, students, administrators, and parents.

Videos in this Package include (select title below to preview):

    Plus 32 Bonus Videos! Star Thrower Shorts are Dewitt's best stories from his feature films. Most videos are less than 4 minutes and offer you a great way to launch any meeting, set the tone for the day, or reinforce ideas.