Shifting Years

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Program Information:

Shifting Years discusses how multiple generations working together should be leveraged as a source of great potential — instead of a cause for tension. By finding common ground, respecting differences, and letting go of assumptions, great things can happen!

Hosted by author, Laura Goodrich, Shifting Years aims to generate discussions and open-mindedness between all age groups. Included is a bonus video interview with Don Tapscott, one of the world’s leading authorities on business strategy and the social impact of generations. 

This fast-paced program reminds us that it’s how we choose to work together

Key Concepts from the film Includes:

  • View Differences As Opportunities
  • Look Past Assumptions
  • We're More Alike Than Different

    Length: 12 Minutes
    Includes: Trainer's Guide, Group Exercises, Screen Saver, PowerPoint™ Presentation and a Transcript of the film   » View Sample Materials

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