Your Summit Awaits

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Join Jamie Clarke, Canadian mountaineer, adventurer, and three-time Mount Everest explorer, in Your Summit Awaits as he shares his incredible experiences ascending the tallest mountain on Earth. It is a fundamental development program that will inspire audiences to view their challenges and dreams with courage and determination.

 Key Concepts from the film Includes:

  • Make Your Dreams Your Goal
  • Care Enough To Confront
  • Follow Your Passion Without Obsession
  • Keep Your Promises Through Your Actions
  • Face Your Fears, Focus On What's Important
  • Thank Those Who Help You To The Top
  • Look To The Future, Your Summit Awaits!

    Length: 20 Minutes
    Includes: Leader's Guide, Workbook, PowerPoint™ Presentation and a and a Transcript of the film   » View Sample Materials

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