Everybody Likes To Be Appreciated



It is especially important to recognize employees' achievements at work. Appreciation in the workplace can increase motivation and morale. Multiple studies* have illustrated that employees who work at organizations with a culture of appreciation are more satisfied and successful.

Appreciating others in the workplace can range from a simple, specific "thank you," to a grander form of recognition. There are many ways to say thank you. Here are a few ideas: 

  1. Thank you drawing- Encourage employees to write anonymous "thank you" notes about a positive experience with another colleague. These notes can be dropped in a bowl, and at the end of every week, hold a drawing for a small prize. 
  1. Recognition- When someone does something outstanding, tell them. And tell everyone else too. A simple email or poster is a great way to thank someone publicly. 
  1. Company Event - These can revolve around a holiday or anniversary; however, they can also revolve around a job well done, a project completion, or challenge overcome. Make sure employees know why you are celebrating!  
  1. Seek Feedback- What better way to appreciate your employees than letting them play a part in important business decisions. Whether you are working on company values, updating the handbook, or creating new policies, ask for input to demonstrate gratitude. 

Little changes can make a big difference. Show appreciation. Encourage others to do the same. You will like the results.


* https://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletter_article/in-praise-of-gratitude

* https://positivepsychologyprogram.com/gratitude-appreciation/