10 Workplace Trends for 2018

There was recently a good article on Forbes online, 10 Workplace Trends You'll See In 2018. It's worth a read. Below is a quick overview of a few of the trends we found interesting:

Leaders encourage more human interaction - Working remote might be nice but organizations are starting to realize that creativity is a team sport. The ability to interact and engage with other allows ideas to flow. One study found that moments of conversation between co-workers increases performance by 20% and another study uncovered that 72% of employees who have a best friend at work are more satisfied with their job. 

The next wave of learning credentials - There more traditional and non-traditional ways for people to improve their skills. New types of self-paced learning and certificates are being offered which will challenge our traditional definition of learning.Progressive organizations will both widen their definition of what is learning and provide resources for growth.

Companies take diversity more seriously -  Companies are investing money in improving the composition of their workforce. This will also require a greater investment to assure the workplace culture takes advantage of its diversity. 

The aging workforce - About three in every four Americans plan to work past retirement age and almost two-thirds said they will continue to work part-time. As baby boomers maintain their leadership positions, it will be harder for younger workers to rise up in their organizations and could lead to higher turnover, stress and frustration.

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