How Do You Put A Giraffe Into A Refrigerator

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If meetings and training sessions are an essential part of your organization, you know the importance of getting off to a good start. If your goal is to get everyone to contribute, this quick and quirky video is the way to achieve it. Using fun riddles and entertaining animation, this short video will supercharge everyone's brain before and encourage them to contribute in a creative way.


The video's four problem-solving steps encourage everyone to look at challenges from a new perspective.  

Key Team concepts from the film include:
  • Consider simple answers before looking for complicated ones.

  • Think about the consequences of your actions.

  • Use all available information.

  • Focus on the big picture, not just a small part of it.


Length: 5 Minutes
Includes: Viewer's Guide 
Languages Available: English & Spanish

An Advanced Knowledge release

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How Do You Put A Giraffe Into A Refrigerator