Ethics Rules of the Road

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Program Information:

Ethics Rules of the Road defines ethics as knowing right from wrong, following organization policy, and remaining legally compliant. The program supplies examples of unethical behavior and explains how it can be useful to employ a “stoplight” metaphor to maintain high standards of moral conduct.

A benefit of the Ethics Rules of the Road program is its emphasis not only on the importance of awareness of ethical issues, but also on its easy-to-understand approach to making ethical decisions.

Ethics Rules of the Road, while concise, covers the ethics essentials and provides practical guidance for individual decision making in order to achieve an ethical workplace.

Key ethics learning points include:
  • Dishonesty
  • Theft
  • Harassment
  • Illegal financial manipulations
  • Safety violations

 Length: 10 Minutes

Includes: Reproducible Activity Sheet, Facilitator’s Guide and PowerPoint™ Presentation

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Ethics Rules of the Road video