Organization Essentials On-Demand Streaming Library (1-year up to 500 viewers)

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Program Information:

Organization Essentials On-Demand Streaming Library is a simple, cost-effective way to share quality videos in your upcoming class or gathering.  This library includes over 30 videos on a wide range of topics. 

SAVE OVER 60%! For years, companies, schools, government agencies, healthcare institutions, and nonprofits have been using Star Throwers' best-selling videos to inspire and improve engagement. These best-selling programs offer simple, yet powerful messages that encourage meaningful conversations, help us focus on the positive, and invite actual change.

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Organization Essentials On-Demand Streaming Library topics include:
  • Employee Engagement
  • Team Building
  • Inspiration
  • Inclusion
  • Change 
  • Leadership
  • Attitude
  • Vision
  • Creativity
  • Diversity
  • Respect
  • Customer Service


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Organization Essentials On-Demand Streaming Library