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Help people understand the importance of of creative tension in your next meeting. On a High Note is an inspiring short program about the importance of knowing yourself, where you want to be, and having the commitment to get there. 

Join author Laura Goodrich as she explores key concepts of creative tension, and how this idea is the foundation for success.

The film follows Magdalena Müllerperth, a gifted teenage concert pianist, on her quest to be great. As you watch her and the rigors of her day, you will learn that success is more than natural ability, it’s a willingness to commit.

Complete with support materials, On a High Note is a clear example of creative tension; reminding us that when we put our best effort into knowing ourselves and achieving our goals, amazing things can happen. 

Key creative tension concepts from the film Includes:
  • Identify The Current Reality
  • Establish A Vision
  • Understand The Tension Between The Two


Length: 5 Minutes
Includes: Learning Guide, Group Discussion Questions and Activities, PowerPoint™ Presentation and a Transcript of the film   » View Sample Materials

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