Let's Talk: Respect - It Matters!

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Program Information:

Let's Talk… Respect – It Matters! focuses on how professionalism contributes to a respectful workplace.

This 9-minute program, with its examples of appropriate behavior versus that which is unprofessional and unproductive, clearly shows the difference between commonly held standards of professionalism, organization policy, and the law. 

This video is a fast effective way to encourage postive behaviors and is short enought to be incorporated into any meeting or gathering.

Key respect learning points include:
  • How to employ professionalism as an expression of respect
  • Examples of unacceptable behavior like stereotyping, gossiping, bullying and harassment.

 Length: 9 Minutes

Includes: Leader's Guide & PowerPoint Presentation

An ATS Media release

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Let's Talk… Respect – It Matters!