Are You With Me?

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Improve phone skills. From making and taking calls, to transferring calls and putting people on hold, to taking and leaving messages, Are You With Me? connects all the rules of telephone courtesy to a single, simple, easy-to-remember concept:

Treat the person on the other end of the line as though they were right there in the same room with you.

Key Concepts to improve phone skills include:
  • Making a call is like making a visit
  • Taking a call is like receiving a visitor
  • Putting a caller on hold is like asking a visitor to wait at the door
  • Leaving a message is like making a visit
  • Taking a message is like receiving someone else's visitor

Length: 22 Minutes 
Includes: Leader's Guide, Workbook  and a Transcript of the film   » View Sample Materials

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Are You With Me? Improve Phone skills