System Requirements for Steaming

System Requirements for Streaming on Your Computer

Your computer, web browser, and Internet connection need to meet these minimum requirements to ensure a smooth online viewing experience. You may need to install the most recent versions of these browsers or plug-ins.

Computer Hardware
  • PC Intel Pentium 4 2.33 GHz processor or equivalent
  • Mac: Intel Core Duo 1.33 GHz or faster
Computer Operating System
  • PC: Windows XP SP2 or newer
  • Mac: OS X or newer (10.5.7+)
Online Video Browser Compatibility

These browsers support HTML5 video and the latest Flash or Silverlight plug-ins:

Browser Plug-ins
Bandwidth requirements to view video online

Network connectivity with 500+ Kbps is recommended at minimum to stream video without buffering. Check your network speed and firewalls if you are facing difficulty viewing. Users in a slow or congested network environment may experience problems during playback. If the problem persists, please contact us and we may be able to find a solution with your Business/Enterprise IT department.