USB Replacement & Upgrade Offer: Save 50%

USB Replacement & Upgrade Offer


Have you lost your DVD or USB?

Is it getting harder to play your DVD? 

Save 50%!

We have seen a recent increase in problems related to playing a DVD from a computer. The reasons are many; new laptops no longer include a DVD player, the never-ending software updates can create issues and most media players are not designed to play DVDs. With all the possibilities, troubleshooting can become quite confusing.

Our USB is a simple plug and play option. The media player is built into the USB, so it does not require any additional computer software upgrades.

SPECIAL OFFER: Replace or Upgrade any Star Thrower video you have and save 50% off the regular price! 

To take advantage of this offer:
  1. Find your product on our website
  2. Select SALE - USB and select the blue Add to Cart button
  3. Enter discount code: UPGRADE50% when prompted during check out


Please note: This offer is only for clients that already licensed the video and wish to upgrade or replace. Not valid for first-time license of any title.

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