Delegate It Right the First Time

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Program Information:

Delegate It Right the First Time is an effective way to help managers and supervisors successfully delegate projects to others.

Delegating can be difficult.  This video will help every manager and supervisor understand the importance of delegation and feel confident doing it.  Delegate It Right the First Time teaches a simple 4-step delegation process and checklist to assure the best results.

 Key Concepts from Delegate It Right the First Time include:
  • Select the right employee for each project
  • Effectively describe the results needed
  • Provide the right resources
  • Monitor results & prevent surprises
  • Accurately confirm understanding
  • Check employee confidence and comfort levels before they start
  • Get employees off to a confident and enthusiastic start


Length: 10 Minutes

Includes: Detailed step-by-step 15-page Learning Guide and Skill Reinforcement Checklist.

A Conversations at Work release


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Delegate It Right the First Time training video