Keynote Speaker - Pete Machalek

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About Pete Machalek

Combining an approachable persona with a deep expertise in storytelling and business communication, Pete Machalek of SagePresence engages professionals to move forward in their careers and provides actionable insights that leave participants with takeaways they can immediately benefit from.

Pete teaches concise, intentional communication, leveraging simple tools that are easy to use. Pete is process-oriented, systematically addressing would-be intangibles like audience connection, the transformation of fear to excitement, and knowing what to say when words seem impossible to find.

Topics include

  • Winning Presentations
  • The Power of Story in Presenting
  • Build Professional Relationships Everywhere You Go
  • Communicating With Nontechnical Audiences for Technical Professionals
  • Getting on the Same Page in Meetings

 Keynote price range

Negotiable ($5,000 - $7,000, plus expenses) 

Typical Business Presentation 

Negotiable ($2,000 — $4,000)

Small Event or Breakout

Negotiable  ($1,500 — $2,500)

SagePresence also offers a great training video on presentation skills, Winning Presentations.