Let's Talk… Harassment – It Happens!

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Program Information:

Let's Talk… Harassment – It Happens! is an excellent guide; the program both engages the viewer and covers a lot of ground—including such legal concepts as Tangible Employment Action and Vicarious Employment Action Liability. It’s a great tool to help achieve a happy, productive workplace.

Harassment can occur in any organization, and the program addresses the topic in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner. It can be used on its own or to fine-tune other, more general, workplace training programs. 

Key harassment prevention learning points include:
  • What is harassment?
  • How does harassment affect individuals and organizations?
  • Legal definitions and forms
  • Remedies

 Length: 10 Minutes

Includes: Leader's Guide, Reproducible Participant Materials & PowerPoint Presentation

An ATS Media release

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Let's Talk… Harassment – It Happens!