Let's Wash Our Hands

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Download for free! At Star Thrower, we feel proper hand washing is something we all need to encourage. Because of this, we are offering Let's Wash Your Hands as a free download. Share this video with students, co-workers, friends, anyone you think would benefit from its message.

If you prefer a USB or DVD, no problem, we are offering them at a greatly discounted price.

Let's Wash Our Hands is a simple way to encourage people to do an important thing, wash their hands.

this entertaining 3-minute video reinforces why washing hands is important and shows proper washing techniques. It's a fun, simple way to encourage proper hygiene habits.

Keep your workplace, school, or place of worship healthy. Share Let's Wash Our Hands today!

Length: 3 Minutes
Includes: Four 'Wash Your Hands' Posters

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Viewing Options: We offer several ways that you can show this program (DVD, USB & Stream). To learn about our licensing options click here.

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Let's Wash Our Hands