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Download for free! At Star Thrower, we feel proper hand washing is something we all need to encourage. Because of this, we are offering Let's Wash Your Hands as a free download. Share this video with students, co-workers, friends, anyone you think would benefit from its message.

If you prefer a USB or DVD, no problem, we are offering them at a greatly discounted price.

Let's Wash Our Hands is a simple way to encourage people to do an important thing, wash their hands.

this entertaining 3-minute video reinforces why washing hands is important and shows proper washing techniques. It's a fun, simple way to encourage proper hygiene habits.

Let's Wash Our Hands is easy to share. Available on DVD, USB or online stream, you decide how people will view. Also included are posters that can be printed and shared.

Keep your workplace, school, or place of worship healthy. Share Let's Wash Our Hands today!

Length: 3 Minutes
Includes: Four 'Wash Your Hands' Posters

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Let's Wash Our Hands