Tactics Of Innovation

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Tactics of Innovation explores a problem that plagues organizations everywhere: Why do smart people reject good ideas?

“It is natural and logical for people to resist change,” says Joel Barker. New ideas upset the balance and change makes things difficult. Only by developing the ability to present your idea from the user’s point of view will you be able to achieve success!

Tactics of Innovation and its ten-step strategy will help you remove barriers to change. It is an important message for any organization that wishes not only to discover new ideas, but also to bring them into practice.

Key Concepts from the film include:

  • Upside, Yes / Downside, No
  • Seemingly Simple / Small Steps
  • Clear Message / Compatible Fit
  • Credible Messenger / Reliable Performance
  • Easy In / Easy Out


Length: 22 Minutes
Includes: Leader's Guide, Workbook, PowerPoint™ Presentation and a Transcript of the film   » View Sample Materials

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