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Program Information:

Winning Presentations is a story-based presentation development program designed to help you create more compelling and successful presentations.

Featuring filmmakers, consultants and keynote speakers, Dean Hyers and Pete Machalek of SagePresence, this program teaches a systematic way to develop powerful presentations. By following the journey of two clients, you will learn the skills needed to communicate with confidence.

Whether you are in sales, are a member or leader of a team, or just want to improve your presentation skills, Winning Presentations can help you successfully present your ideas with authority and confidence.

Key Concepts from the film Includes:

  • The Power of Story
  • Know Your Audience
  • Pick the Best Main Character
  • Story Angle
  • Three Types of Information Your Audiences Needs to Hear
  • Six Keys to Delivering Your Message With Confidence and Influence

    Length: 22 Minutes
    Includes: Trainer’s Guide, Workbook and a Transcript of the film   » View Sample Materials

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