Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple for Non-Supervisory Employees

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Over 1000 US companies use Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple for Non-Supervisory EmployeesThis short but powerful sexual harassment video presents everything your employees need to know in only 6 minutes. Combine the program with the 15 question quiz and your training is completed in only 15 minutes. Or, you can use the leader's guide to create a longer session. 

Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple for Non-Supervisory Employees is perfect for employee orientation programs, yearly refresher training or as a meeting opener to a longer training program. The program is completely up-to-date with all laws so you don't have to worry about missing anything.  

    Key Concepts from the video include:
    • Quid Pro Quo Harassment
    • Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment
    • The Reasonable Person Standard
    • Prevention Techniques
    • Sexting
    • E-mail Harassment
    • Gender Harassment
    • Harassment by Non-Employees such as customers, vendors, consultants or delivery persons
    • Same-Sex Harassment
    • Pregnancy Jokes and Comments
    • Sexual jokes
    • Verbal behaviors such as suggestive whistling & catcalls
    • Unwanted repeated requests for dates & flirting
    • Leering
    • Physical behaviors such as back rubs, back-scratching & hugs
    • Use of demeaning names
    • Social Networking sites
    • Legal consequences for harassers
    • And much more 

      Length: 6 Minutes
      Includes: Trainer's Guide, Post Training Quiz & a Training Acknowledgement Form 

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      Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple