Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple for New York State Managers & Supervisors

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In 2018, both New York State and New York City passed sexual harassment laws that included a requirement of training every employee, manager, and supervisor in the state once a year.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple for New York State Non-Supervisory Employees was designed around New York law and covers all of the subjects mandated by the New York Civil Rights Law, the New York City Human Rights Law, and the EEOC.

This short but powerful sexual harassment video presents everything your managers and supervisors will need to know in only. Combine the program with the trainer's guide and post quiz, and your training is complete.

Over 1000 US companies use Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple videos. it is a simple way to effectively address this important issue.


      Length: 19:00 Minutes
      Includes: Trainer's Guide, Post Training Quiz

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        Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple